The Ultimate Guide To Affordable Car Hire

Premier car hire companies offer their customers some of the most prestige vehicles in existence. These cars give the ultimate performance, power and style whilst in the driver’s seat. A car of your choice is for hire and will be suitable for any occasion, including executive and leisure. Find out other car advice.

Cars are also available for driving enthusiasts, who wish to try some of the best cars on the marketing, including:

Prestige car hire with City Inter-Rent

City Inter-Rent is considered London’s luxury car hire company – they provide for all over the UK too. They have a fleet of various vehicles including Range Rovers, Ferraris and Aston Martins that are suitable for those who wish to live life on the wild side and experience and new life for a few days.

All vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and are checked and valet before they are hired. This means you are sure to have a safe, yet enjoyable few days with a car of your choice. 97% of clients have considered City Inter-Rent as excellent.  Email them on

Hiring one of the most desirable cars

With City Inter-Rent you can hire one of the most advanced sports cars available, the Ferrari California. If you would prefer to travel cities around London solo rather than a family trip, or even to experience the power of a sports car, the Ferrari California is for you. Discover more.

Relish the top speed of 194 miles per hour and acceleration of 62 miles per hour in just 4.1 seconds.

Features to suit everybody

Rent a car full of features so you can enjoy everything a Ferrari has to its full potential. You can control the game in the best seat in the California – the driver’s seat. A Ferrari has features including Bluetooth wireless connectivity, satellite radio, numerous speakers and LCD monitors.

The leather trim on the both seating and doors and the aluminium detailing on the front console and dashboard signify the pure elegance of this car. It is suitable for those who are travelling around a busy city to get things done, or even if wishing to travel the sights by yourself. Find out more.